A Preventative Approach To Commercial Refrigeration Equipment 

The optimal running of crucial equipment is directly correlated to how profitable your business is. When your operation comes to a halt due to mechanical breakdowns and untimely repairs, it can leave you with revenue losses that can have subsequent knock-on effects for your business as a whole. You can be impacted on both sides, from having to fork out additional funds for emergency call-outs to specialist commercial refrigeration technicians  to reduce your working staff to make ends meet.

At Minus21 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, we urge our clients to always use a preventative maintenance approach in their business to avoid costly downtime. We service businesses from Kapiti to Palmerston North; enquire now about our work and rates.

Here are some reasons to integrate a preventative approach into your business today to avoid a similar situation to the one above:

Incurred Losses 

By choosing to forgo regular servicing and maintenance on your equipment, such as commercial refrigeration, you are increasing the risk of production problems. Your entire operation can be stalled with minimal productivity because your fridges are breaking down. And depending on the severity of the repair, it can take hours or days to source replacement parts and fix the problem. During this period, not only will you be operating at a loss, but you will also have a high service bill to pay at the end of the repair.

Compromised Food 

Depending on the nature of your business, you may make use of commercial refrigeration systems to regulate and store food products. From fresh produce to frozen ready meals, safety and quality are critical. With untimely breakdowns, you may not have a backup solution for keeping your food. With proper cooling, your food will quickly spoil and lead to significant waste, as you cannot sell compromised products to the public for consumption.

Risking Public Health 

Related to compromised food is the risk it poses to your customers. While we have no doubt that you run an honest business and would never intentionally put the public at risk, you could be doing it unknowingly. Without regular servicing, you may not be aware that your refrigerators are not running as they should; they may not be cooling effectively, which leads to inconsistent temperature regulation throughout your equipment. Products may smell and look safe enough for consumption, but this can quickly change and create a safety issue for your customers.

Costly Repairs 

Even with insurance on your side, there is a possibility that your provider will not pay out if you have chosen to willingly forgo regular maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer of your equipment. This can leave you with more bills than anticipated. In addition to paying our trusted team of commercial refrigeration technicians, you may have to spend more money on extra storage facilities for your products during the downtime.

There is also the possibility that your equipment may be in such bad condition that repairs or even replacements are not even an option. This can lead to you having to purchase a brand-new refrigerator instead of just being proactive and adhering to a maintenance schedule.

Timely inspections and servicing can help you not only avoid these risks but also put you in a better position to run your business. Your refrigerators will run optimally, you can continue to expand your customer base, and you will enjoy the fruits of your labour.

[CTA] Our professional commercial refrigeration technicians are ready and equipped to help you with all your servicing needs. We understand the importance of optimal running equipment and why the freshness and quality of your products are crucial to your business. At Minus 21 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, we will provide you with industry expertise, exceptional service, and affordable rates on every call-out.

Speak to us today about the services we offer and find out how our commercial refrigeration technicians can help you.

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